MUG 2021, MISER Users Together for Tomorrow

After a year away due to COVID-19, MISER Users Together for Tomorrow is the theme of the MUG 2021 Annual Conference. MUG is working on plans for the 2021 Conference, which will take place at the Sheraton Sand Key in Clearwater Beach, Florida on September 26 – 30, 2021. The Executive Committee is meeting to work on the session schedule together and with FIS executives. We have adapted the schedule from 2020 and have made seem changes to accommodate social distancing guidelines. 

The Conference may seem like a galaxy far, far away, but it will be here in no time. We will be working on it over the coming months to develop sessions and social events and find speakers, panelists, plants, and other contributors. Please consider sharing your FI’s experiences when appropriate, even if in an informal way. The Executive Committee and Subgroup Chairs will be asking for participants.

MUG 2021 Annual Conference Information

Welcome to the MISER Users Group

Since 1981 the MISER Users Group (MUG) has served to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences among member institutions; advance utilization of financial software; and improve services delivered to the public. MUG also facilitates and stimulates communication between MISER software users and FIS to ensure that the software remains in the forefront of the financial industry.

If you are currently using the MISER System, we encourage you to join the MISER Users Group! MUG gives you direct access and feedback from FIS Leadership about the internal workings of MISER. In addition to the MUG Annual Conference, MUG also provides an online community environment for MISER users to network, collaborate, and gain education about the MISER System.

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